Lektion : The magic door - Inspired by Josef Sahlin

Författare: Emelie Gunnstedt
Datum: 9 januari
Ämnen: Språk, Engelska
År: Grundskola år 4–6
Lektionstyp: Inlämningsuppgift


This work is inspired by Josef Sahlins (2011) “Den magiska dörren”.

You can read more about his projects at: http://josefsahlin.se/?page_id=141

I’ve made this into a project for year 6 where they use the grammar and skills that they’ve learned to make a novel. I hope that this material will bring you much joy, as it surely made for me. “Den magiska dörren” is very useful and interesting for younger students in Swedish, but a more challenging format for older students in English.

  1. Start by reading all the chapter so you know what to expect every week.

  2. Find a rarely used door in your school and show it to the students. Maybe, let them take pictures of the door for future reference.

  3. Explain the project and how much time they have to complete the novel.

  4. Print out and give the students their own copy. Maybe you can have book circles where they read each other's stories?



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